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Carnival Breeze Cruise Review by Jim Zim

This article will cover the shipping company Ocean Village. For the once-propelled as Ocean Village cruise ship see Pacific Pearl .

The Ocean Village before Rhodes

Ocean Village is the brand name of a currently eleven cruise companies of the holding company , Carnival Corporation & plc , based in Southampton , England . The ships of the disused brand targeted with a concept of freedom and flexibility on board with respect to food, clothing and entertainment to an audience aged 30 to 50 years.

The company was founded in 2002 and in 2003 led the first cruise with the hitherto single ship, the same Ocean Village through. Since spring 2007, the former was AIDAblu of AIDA Cruises rebuilt for the second ship of Ocean Village and then christened the Ocean Village Two. Since 24 April 2007, this ship in the summer in the Mediterranean and in winter in the Caribbean on cruise .

On 30 October 2008 it was announced that the use of the brand Ocean Village is set in late 2010. Both ships are in the course of the P & O Cruises Australia , also a shipping company of Carnival Corporation, submitted [1] . While the Ocean Village Two left the fleet in December 2009, joined the Ocean Village end of 2010, P & O Cruises Australia. [2]

  • Ocean Village (until the end of 2010, then to the Pacific Pearl P & O Cruises Australia)
  • Ocean Village Two (until the end of 2009, since then as Pacific Jewel P & O Cruises Australia)
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