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International Press Conference
"Costa Concordia - Operation Recovery: The Hidden Truth"
Wednesday 10 April 2013, 15:00
Conference room the
Drafting Newspaper On-line "Editions Today"
Piazza della Meridiana 2/15 - Genoa

Are now well-known events of the cruise ship "Costa Concordia", wrecked 13 January 2012 on the seabed in front of the island of Giglio. An event marked by the death of 32 people, with investigations that are far from over.

Today the wreck of the Costa Concordia still lies in front of the Isola del Giglio while, after the ship has been cleared from any mobile material cumbersome, a consortium formed by the companies Titan and New Micoperi Ravenna, is proceeding to the recovery operation.

concordia recupero isola del giglio giglionews A project that has been approved, according to rumors, with too much approximation, without a careful examination of the impact, especially on the environment, with real risks to the ecosystem of the whole aerial island of Giglio, not to mention the numerous criticisms on the same project which is not just technical, it would be for the inevitable failure, apart from the constant delays that are accumulating on the timing of the project. So: what's behind it? Cui Prodest?

On January 20, 2012, the outcome of a Council of Ministers, n.3998 by order of the Prime Minister, the Prefect Franco Gabrielli was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Government for the emergency referred to the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia in the territory the Municipality of Isola del Giglio. Among the duties of the Commissioner include those for coordination of actions to overcome the emergency, monitor the implementation of safety measures and reclamation by the owner, with the power to replace the person responsible in the event of default, and verify that the removal of the wreck happen in well-defined conditions. The activity of the Commissioner would have to be supported by two collegial structures (Advisory Committee and the Technical-Scientific) and two implementing bodies.

As is well known, the shipping company Costa Cruises, the index in February following an international tender with the convening of ten companies, for the presentation of a draft wreck removal.

The contract, after a series of "strange procedural anomalies" is entrusted to the consortium Titan-Micoperi. Rumors point to the absolute irregularity of the tender. Rumors speak of a New Micoperi Ravenna in crisis and a president who would heavily interfered, managing to do to enter the Emilian company in a consortium until then never officially made operational.

The Titan-Micoperi removal plan is approved in a surprisingly short time and Services Conference convenes in Rome at the Civil Protection Department, the parties concerned, for the final approval of the plan proposed by the shipping company.

The reading of the minutes of the conference highlights a long series of design anomalies in respect of which the whole project would have to be, if not rejected, at least reconsidered. At the same venue is instead downgraded from "final draft" a "rough draft" for the absence of the basic requirements needed for its realization, however, the contract remains in the consortium TM and, at a later time, which was approved. The project is chosen by a Technical Evaluation Committee composed of experts representing Costa Cruises, Carnival Corporation & Plc, London Offshore Consultants and Standard P & I, with the endorsement of the Navy Admiral Stephen Tortora, advisor to the Prefect Franco Gabrielli .

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