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After five days adrift on Friday morning the Carnival Triumph cruise ship moored at the port of Mobile, Alabama in the southern United States. Last Sunday, a fire in the engine room of the ship was severely damaged engines, disrupting the supply of electricity and the operation of the toilet as well as preventing the ship to keep moving. The food supplies were scarce, since the ship had to return to port on the day of the fire. The Carnival Triumph was game Thursday 7th from the port of Galveston, Texas, about 51 kilometers from Houston, and was carrying about 3, 000 passengers and 1, 000 crew.

Earlier rescuers wanted to land the ship in a Mexican port, but the currents of the Gulf had pushed the Carnival to the north and about 900 passengers had a passport to board the ship, so it was decided to arrive in Alabama. The ship has been achieved by some ships of the Coast Guard, which then towed it to the port of Mobile.

Some passengers told the press that during the crossing there were moments of great fear. "There were people who began to shout obscenities in the corridors of the ship, " said the passenger Shannon Caceres to NBC News. Caceres The added that at some point the crew distributed alcohol to try to relax the most agitated . "People were acting like fools."

As soon as the Carnival Triumph has landed at the port of Mobile, the company's CEO, Gerry Cahill, he apologized to passengers in front of the press. The American group Carnival Cruise Lines is the same that controls the Costa Crociere, which belonged to the Costa Concordia cruise ship sank Jan. 13, 2012 Isola del Giglio. The group said to have made ​​available a team of about 200 employees who took care of the ship's passengers once on the ground. The Carnival has booked about 100 cars, more than 1, 500 hotel rooms in New Orleans (about two hours drive from the port of Mobile), several charter flights from New Orleans to Houston and transfer services from Houston to Port of Galveston for passengers who had left the car there before departure. The Carnival has said it will compensate passengers of the ship with $ 500, a free flight to allow everyone to return to their homes, a full refund of the cruise and partial expenses on board, and a credit for another cruise of the Carnival .

According to Jason Clampet, Site , a travel agency that has followed the story of the daily Carnival Triumph, the passengers of the ship can not ask for much more than the promises of compensation already made: "The insurance companies do not cover this type of things. The journey has not been interrupted and the passengers do not have to bear extra expenses. "

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board, an independent investigative agency of the U.S. government, have launched an investigation to see what were the causes of the fire on board the ship. As the Carnival Triumph is a ship flying the flag of the Bahamas, will also be involved in the investigation of the Bahamas Maritime Authority. The fire on the Carnival Triumph is not the first episode of this type for the company. In 2010, a cruise ship class Splendor lost power after a similar fire in the engine room, drifted and was "driven" to San Diego. The Carnival has decided to cancel 12 cruises already scheduled to last until April 13 this year.

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