Galveston Carnival Cruise Reviews

After intense repair and dry dock improvements since their arrival in Freeport, Bahamas, May 11, from Mobile, Alabama, the Carnival Triumph cruise ship will return to service with departures from Galveston, the company said.

Restañaron repairs damage caused by fire on February 10 in the engine room caused by a leak in the fuel return line on a diesel engine, leaving the ship without propulsion without power for basic services the Gulf of Mexico, with 3, 143 passengers and 1, 086 crew on board on Sunday February 10.

After arriving on Friday 15 to Mobile , Alabama, after a slow trip to trailer the boat was moored at a dock at BAE Systems Ship Repair, which cast off and suffered further damage due to a major storm on April 3.

After that incident, the ship was secured in the Alabama Cruise Terminal, where they continued to work until it was moved to the Grand Bahama Shipyard shipyard in May.

Besides the necessary repairs, the ship has received new emergency power capabilities, new fire safety technology and improved operational support systems, as part of the investment of $ 300 million in improvements that Carnival Cruise Lines has undertaken in its fleet, precisely because of the fire in the Triumph.

Additionally, Carnival took the opportunity to have the boat in dry dock to install new restoration sites and bars that are part of Fun Ship program improvements. 2.0.

Now ready, the Carnival Triumph from Galveston resume their services throughout the year, four-day cruises to Cozumel and five days to Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico.

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Cruise Food part 1

1. Although some people do get seasick on a cruise ship, it is usually only when the seas are extremely rough. The larger the ship, the more stable it is and the less likely you are to feel seasick.
Select a cabin as close to midship as possible, and as close to the waterline as possible. You will feel less motion than at either end of the ship or on the higher decks. A benefit is that the cabins below the promenade deck (closer to the waterline) are usually a lower price than those on the promenade deck. Also, if you have to go a bit more toward either end of the ship since the midship cabins usually sell out first, book one more toward the front of the ship rather than the aft

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