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Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival Cruise Lines)

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About Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival Cruise Lines) was founded in 1972, the company's founder Ted · Arison , when Ted · Arison with a dollar and assumed the boat all the debt in the form of buying a boat: "Mardi Gras "Another company founder Bob · Dickinson in Carnival Corporation's head office : Boston 's American International Travel Service Co., Ltd. work, they work together for the development of Carnival Cruise Lines has made ​​a great effort.

Carnival Cruise Lines was founded in 1972 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA. "Carnival Cruise" to "Fun Ship" (Happy Cruises) as the main products such demands to distinguish Cruises competitors , has now become the world's first super-luxury cruise company, with 28, 000 sailors and 5, 000 employees , the industry as "the king of the cruise." Carnival subsidiary Princess Cruises (Princess Cruises), Holland America Line (Holland America), Costa Cruises (Costa Cruise Line), Cunard Line (Cunard Line formerly White Star Cruises has Titanic cruise), the World Ban cruise and Wind Ode to the cruise and so on. Carnival Cruise Group's existing 23 8-12 tons of large cruise ship (soon become 25), which is now by far the most massive cruise ship fleet.

Carnival Cruise business

Carnival Cruise Lines as a U.S. listed company (code CCL), tourists from all over the world to provide the best service . Annual fleet in Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Bahamas sailing operations; while there are seasonal routes to Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Canada, and other sea routes. Its advantage lies in its diverse fleet of leisure facilities, decor novel, spacious cabin. Cruise on the show field programs and entertainment facilities everything, so passengers on board every day to the carnival like event. Enjoy five-star luxury, flashing neon signs, bright colors and the environment, which is Carnival brings you everything.

Carnival Cruise's company

Carnival Cruise Lines, which owns Holland America Cruise Line, Costa Cruises songs, Seabourn Cruise Line, Cunard and Windstar cruise lines, they are as a company's brand , to operate independently in order to better service to every customer .

Carnival Cruise Lines has now become the world's first super-luxury cruise line. The company now has 32 luxury cruises around the world.

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Cruise websites

Try the following websites:
this is a great site for finding bargain cruises and last minute deals.
In fact, there's a 7 day roundtrip cruise to Mexico from SF on Celebrity's Mercury ship on 3/21/04 starting from $517.00 for an inside cabin (this includes port charges).
site is for cruise fanatics. You can get cruise reviews of ships and a whole lot more!
If you are looking for a younger crowd Royal Caribbean is good, so is Celebrity.
Princess & Crystal Cruiselines are more sophisticated and for older clientele and more expensive

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If you're one of the 303 million Americans who won't take a cruise this year, you might want to reconsider your vacation plans. .. The average cabin for two costs just $143 per night, according to Priceline.

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    My husband and I are planning a cruise this summer for our 15 th anniversary. We are leaving our 5 children with grandparents. We are looking for a good 7 night cruise. We want something fun yet classyalso sunny. We have done 2 Carnivals (fun, but a little to neon ), 1 Royal Car. & 2 Disney (LOVED Disney, but no children this time). We are tired of the Bahamas and really of the Caribbean cruises as well. We are considering Celebrity s JOURNEY from NJ to Bermuda, but the ship is smaller than most and we wonder if there will be as much to do. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

    • We have sailed on most of Celebrity s ships, but not Journey. We are going on Royal Caribbean on 5/11 to Bermuda and Caribbean. I never met a Celebrity or Royal Caribbean ship I didn t like. In fact, we re so happy we bought stock in the company! The entertainment is top rate. If you want to play the slots I go early in the cruise because they seem to pay off more then. If you tell the travel agent it s your anniversary you ll find a decorated cabin and be invited to honeymooners party. Because the channel into Bermuda is small, only smaller ships like the Horizon and Zenith could go in there …