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Rating agency in Hong Kong, May 27 / PRNewswire one of the world's top ten marine Mariner cruise will be arriving on June 12. There ring group estimated that the Kai Tak cruise terminal berthing day emissions equivalent to 12, 000 cars, will certainly lead to neighboring areas such as Kowloon City and Kwun Tong air quality deteriorates. Friends of the Earth said the company still did not explain its cruise ship arrivals will switch to low-sulfur diesel fuel, plus cruise pier shore power facility failed synchronization is complete, criticized the Government for the development of large-scale infrastructure simply ignore public health, asking the Government to speed up the legislative , forcing the cruise berthing transfer oil. This year total emissions as 400, 000 cars

Ming Pao reported, Friends of the Earth Senior Environmental Officer Zhouyue Xiang pointed out that the use of diesel sulfur content of the cruise from 2.8 to 3.5%, compared with our diesel 0.001 percent higher than the 2800-3500 times, as projected, sea Mariner berth in the harbor day emissions equivalent to 12, 000 cars. The Government has earlier said that this year there will be 18 cruise vessels Kai Tak cruise terminal, a total berth 34 days, in other words the total emissions equivalent to 408, 000 vehicles.

Marine Mariner Park Hong Kong next month on the 12th

In order to calculate the per capita emissions, carbon dioxide emissions cruise 737 higher than 75%, compared with a 3.4 times higher diesel vehicles. Marine Mariner newspaper belongs to Royal Caribbean Cruise query whether the company's cruise ship berthing turn inward oil, until yesterday before the deadline has not been a reply.

Environmental Rating Bad Company first berth

Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth cited U.S. survey shows that the world ranked No. 2 Royal Caribbean Cruises to reduce air pollution in the worst performance rating F, representing the world's largest cruise company Carnival (rated C-) and section 3 of the Norwegian Cruise Line Company (rated D-) differential.

According to ratings, Royal Caribbean's cruise ship failed to install shore power facilities, even if there is shore power moored pier, still continue to use diesel power. In addition to air pollution, the company for breach of sewage regulations in 1992-2009, the cumulative fines of over $ 30 million (approximately HK $ 234 million).

Forced landing pro-oil

Zhouyue Xiang refers to North America and the Caribbean last year began implementing low emission control areas, but our present, only a voluntary transfer oil berthing plan, limited effectiveness, requiring the government to accelerate the pace of legislation to regulate emissions from cruise ships and cruise terminal at Kai Tak additional shore power facilities.

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Go with Royal Caribbean or Norwegian

I've been on both Carnival and RC and RC is definitely the more grown up version of cruise ships. Things are just more elegant, geared towards the adult crowd.
As for planning, you should look a few months in advance at your options, and pay close attention to the destinations and the time you are in port. If you are planning on being off the ship when in port, you want to find places where you will be docked for the longest time, and generally later in the evening so you have more time and don't have to wake up at 7am to be ready. Once you find the cruise you want, start looking at the excursions available, and maybe even look into those excursions that the ship doesn't sponsor but you can find in that port

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