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Regent Seven Seas Seven Seas Mariner Racconto a Bordo 1024x495 SEVEN SEAS MARINER: ECCELLENTE NAVE DA CROCIERA! Please note that for our "Stories" deliberately use a colloquial language. Items are analysis after the conclusion of the cruise. (All photos of Cruise are visible on our page Facebook - Articles are reported only a small part).

After analizzzato in detail Suites and Restaurants , which as we know is one of the topics most requested by our readers, we do now a general overview on the ship and the cruise.

It was during our Cruise Regent Seven Seas has introduced a new style of entertainment trying to raise the level of Shows. An attempt very successful especially as riguara style shows Cirque du Soleil.20130717 170615 300x225 SEVEN SEAS MARINER: ECCELLENTE NAVE DA CROCIERA! The dancers and singers are true professions. In Bars and Clubs you can listen to music at Jazz or Piano Bar, in a relaxing atmosphere. All Inclusive being all the bartenders do not spare some sull'Alcohol and then the amtmosfera easily becomes very fun and turned on.

As already stated in previous articles, the ship is really clean both in public areas and private. The public areas are also spiced with fresh flowers.

The service is in our opinion the winning Seven Seas Mariner and Regent Seven Seas. All the staff were all friendly and helpful as well prepared. It was easy to swap two words in "friendship." There is a perfect control of the ship and the arrangement of personnel in different areas, so that the passenger is always the feeling of being pampered and served properly. It should be emphasized, as news of success, as the crew is made up of many nationalities (usually on the other ships there is a dominant nation) this makes it more professional and avoid creating policies in the crew "mafia" or gerarchismo. It also does not lead to the creation of minorities or political obstructionism A good policy that we hope will be taken up by other companies.

As already written on board the ships of Regent Seven Seas excursions are all included in the price. Every day there is the possibility to choose between different excursions, which are mainly concentrated in the morning, leaving the afternoon and evening (usually the ship arrives in port in the early morning and late evening sail for) free for your own activities. The excursions are of quality, starting with all modern air-conditioned bus.20130718 095855 225x300 SEVEN SEAS MARINER: ECCELLENTE NAVE DA CROCIERA! The groups for the tours are a maximum of 20-25 people, which become 15 in very tourist. One has the feeling that the whole thing is really researched and thought ofrire for maximum comfort and safety.

Although a decade thanks to the continuous maintenance the ship is in perfect shape. Easy to understand the distrubution of space so that no one is likely to get lost in it. The excellent study of space does not lead to ever have the feeling of crowding. It succeeds very well to find a corner where they might enjoy a little alone.DSCF3815 300x225 SEVEN SEAS MARINER: ECCELLENTE NAVE DA CROCIERA!

Cruises we've done in our experience of many experts cruise but really this cruise ranks definitely among the best ever (and you know that we are not among those who save critical). It is uncertain, a cruise to suit all budgets but every euro or dollar spent is really deserved. A luxurious cruise in the service but still casual atmosphere. No one will have the feeling of being out of place. Everything is designed for the passenger (unlike other cruises where you have the feeling that volgiano only make money) that here again a value. We are really excited and hope to be able to convey that feeling.


Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Cocktails: Creative Concoctions from Carnival
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2012-12-22 17:35:31 by texasbranguslady

Carnival cruises from Galveston

I'm interested in possibly taking a 5 day cruise from Galveston to the Western Carribean on Carnival Lines. I have never cruised on Carnival and know nothing of the features or the quality of services other than what is shown on the website. I am seeking advice from experienced cruisers who have recently sailed on this line from this port. Any advice as to what features (including room location)I should ask for when booking my cruise would be most appreciated. Also, any comments (good or bad)from recent travelers would be helpful. thanks.

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Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Creations: Cruise Cuisine from Carnival Chefs
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