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Trip is not calm Mexico Riviera Cruise - Day 4 Puerto Vallarta

PUERTO VALLARTA 】,為了參加岸上活動起得早就與兒子和女兒到船頭屬 Open seating 的金珍珠餐廳 (The Gold Pearl Restaurant) 吃早餐。 Take a couple of days and three nights cruise today can finally landed, and the first stop is to this trip southernmost port - [] PUERTO VALLARTA Puerto Vallarta, get up early in order to participate in activities on the shore with his son and daughter to the bow is Open seating gold pearl restaurant (The Gold Pearl Restaurant) for breakfast. Pureto Vallarta 港的景觀,但是愈來愈覺得不對勁,因為我們的船實在是太靠近隔壁隸屬皇家加勒比郵輪 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line 的海洋燦爛號 (Radiance of the Seas) 輪,許多服務人員也好奇地依窗排成一列,仰首觀看他們未曾看過的接近,接下來就是一片撞擊聲與掉落聲,我們的 Carnival Splendor 嘉年華光輝號的護欄撞歪了。 Side of the ship into the breakfast side views of the landscape Pureto Vallarta harbor, but increasingly feel right, because our boat is too close to the next under the Royal Caribbean Cruises Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ocean brilliant number (Radiance of the Seas) Cruise, Many service personnel curiously arranged one by the window, looking up watching them never seen approaching, the next is a percussion sound with the fall of our Carnival Splendor Carnival Illustrious hit the guardrail crooked.

Our Carnival Splendor Carnival Illustrious to Royal Caribbean Cruises Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ocean brilliant number (Radiance of the Seas) cruise ship hit a pit.

ATV 沙灘車 每人要 93 美元,我與碼頭攬客的後段人員議價,終於以單人 ATV50 美元,雙人 ATV70 美元成交。 Disembark quickly after the trip to find the shore, boat reservation ATV ATV to $ 93 per person, and I pier Showmanship rear section staff bargaining, and finally to a single person ATV vehicles $ 50, $ 70 double ATV car deal. Canopy River 派車來接,攬客人員就給我五美元要我到附近的加油站叫計程車直接到 Canopy River 市區的辦公室。 Because only three of my family not to send someone to pick Canopy River, Showmanship staff gave me five U.S. dollars to a nearby gas station to call me a taxi directly to the Canopy River downtown office. Canopy River 市區辦公室的計程車資從八美元一直找到五美元我們才終於肯上車。 Canopy River from the pier to the Office of the taxi fare from the city eight U.S. dollars has been found five U.S. dollars before we finally agreed on the train.

Canopy River 的遊客是要玩從這山頂到另一山頂的拉鍊線空中飛行 Canopy tour ,去感受馬德雷 (Sierra Madre) 山區速度最快,拉鍊線最長的的刺激。 Qi Cheng visitors to Canopy River is to play from the top of the hill to another zip line flying Canopy tour, to feel the Sierra Madre (Sierra Madre) Mountain fastest, longest zip line stimulation.

ATV tour ,在馬德雷山脈初次駕駛 ATV 沙灘車,實在是令人興奮的冒險。 The three of us participated in the jungle of two ATV off-road ATV tour, the first time in the Sierra Madre Mountains ATV ATV driving, it is an exciting adventure. ATV splashing across the river, walking in the dusty and bumpy narrow mountain road, slightly carelessly will fall into ravine.

ATV 失控撞山而翻車,車子壓在腿上,我只好躺在那裡等待救援。 Along Charges team staff has been urging me to speed up, in a muddy bend my ATV out of control and overturned into a mountain, the car pressure in the legs, I had to lie there waiting for rescue. ATV 推開讓我出來,我的手、腳和背部均有破皮流血,腰與脖子均有扭傷,兩週還未全癒。 Charges team staff back to me, so I pushed the ATV out of my hands, feet and back were broken skin bleeding, waist and neck are sprained two weeks has not been all the more.

Canopy River 搭他們的接泊車回到郵輪,洗個澡後再到西藥房買個噴劑治療傷口,然後花 70 Peso 叫輛出租車到 Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Puerto Vallarta ‎ 。 From the Canopy River ride back to the cruise parking their pick, take a bath and then to the pharmacy to buy a spray to treat wounds, and then spent 70 Peso call a taxi to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Puerto Vallarta.

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Cocktails: Creative Concoctions from Carnival
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Depending on your age you may not be able to

Most cruise lines have age restrictions where as an adult over the age of 21 must accompany in cabin.
If you are accompanied by an adult, your parents can give written permission (by Notary) to the person who will be 21 in cabin with you to authorize liquer if cruise line permits. NCL does..not sure about Carnival.
CHECK THE AGE RESTRICTIONS FIRST before booking anything, because if you dont and you screw up, you may have penalties involved with refund.

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