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Almost everything is included in the price

The best thing about a Carnival cruise is that all the good things are already included in your travel package. As soon as you enter the ship, you can enjoy everything: your car, maybe with a balcony and whirlpool, delicious meals in various restaurants or in your cabin with our 24-hour room service. Exciting day and night entertainment programs such as our spektalulären stage shows. The Serenity relaxation areas for adults, youth programs for kids of all ages and of course the most exciting goals that you experience. Everything connected with our award winning service. And when it comes to the cost, Carnival is hard to beat. Compared with an average of shore leave, where you have to pay for accommodation, transport, catering and entertainment in addition, Carnival is a holiday with a real bargain.

And that's including:

Food & Drink

  • À la carte restaurants (even lobster and steak are included)
  • Casual meals in the buffet restaurant, grill, deli, 24-hour pizzeria, soft ice cream and frozen yogurt around the clock
  • Sushi Bar
  • Iced tea, water, coffee, tea, Fruchsaftgetränke (from the self-service stations in the buffet restaurant)
  • Spa Carnival menu (a health-conscious selection of low-calorie and low-cholesterol foods)
  • 24-hour room service (breakfast and snacks)

Daytime activities and nightlife

  • Serenity area - quiet area for adults only (on selected ships)
  • Free admission to all clubs, bars and lounges (karaoke party, dance lessons and much more)
  • Spectacular stage shows
  • Live music with bands and orchestras
  • Comedy and international singers
  • Fitness center, steam room, sauna, jogging track
  • Pools, hot tubs and children's pool
  • Carnival Carnival's Twister water slide or water parks (depending on the ship)
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball / Volleyball (varies from ship to ship)
  • Library
  • Carnival's Seaside Theatre (on selected ships)
  • Table Tennis
  • Pool entertainment (live music, water games, dancing and much more)

Youth Programs

  • Camp Carnival (2-11 years)
  • Cirlce "C" (12-14 years)
  • Club O2 (15-17 years)

Gratuities in the amount of $ 11.50 per person per day are also already included in your tour price!

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Carnival is best but......

This "tipping ship" is a reminder of what can go wrong.
1. Let us not forget the cruise line with the stalled engine recently that kept patrons stuck at sea for days with backed up plumbing. Gross!
2. Let's not forget the 2 disney cruise lines that EVERYONE got food poisoning.
3. Let's not forget the MULTIPLE ships with passengers that come up missing.
These travel packages are cheap for a reason. Travel at your own risk.

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