Carnival European Cruises 2012

as CEO Gerry Cahill has announced the first 2014 Carnival Group intends to withdraw from the European business.

Officially the high airfares from the U.S. to Europe and the fear associated are called to sell more travel. Carnival did not make it sufficiently interested European audience for the fleet. 90% of the guests are still coming from the U.S..

Added to large investments and costs for European daughters because includes Costa Cruises. Costa has not only produced a huge image loss caused by the accident but also millions of dollars of damage.

But also equally AIDA Cruises has not the least often saved the balance of the parent company, Carnival. By the daughters Costa and AIDA Carnival remains represented. The decision by Carnival will initially apply only to 2014. What is clear is that since Carnival Costa disaster and the European economic crisis has struggled with falling sales.

Carnival incidentally is also one of the few shipping companies that prefer rebuilding their own ships and comprehensively refurbished as new ships to commission. The latest example here Carnival Destiny, the conversion cost U.S. 155 million dollars. It was not until 2016, a new boat added to the fleet, the Carnival Vista.

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Can you cruise from Malaysia to Cuba?

Cuba sees new entrant to local cruise industry
Malaysia News.Net
Saturday 4th December, 2010
Cuba is hoping to grow its cruise industry on the back of growing demand and the arrival of a new ship using Havana as a home base.
The arrival of the 800-capacity Spanish cruise ship Gemini in the Cuban port of Havana Bay may be a sign of better days ahead for the Cuban cruise industry, which has suffered badly in recent years.
In 2005, Cuba was visited by 102,000 cruise passengers, but by 2007 that figure had fallen to 11,000 and kept falling through 2009

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