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最具增長性,表現最好的一項業務。 Disney Cruise Line (Disney Cruise Line) Disney offers luxury cruise ship services, which began in 1998, is the Disney theme parks and resorts most growth resistance, the best performance of a business. And from the east coast of Florida in the United States, including the "waters of the Bahamas", "caribbean", "U.S. West Coast - Mexican Riviera" and "Mediterranean" multi-day sailing holiday products.

Travel content and services

Typically, the Disney Cruise Line vacation packages, visitors only need to pay once, on board after all the expenses are covered. 等)之後,會停靠,遊客可以下船在目的地享受多種游樂項目,包括在海邊游泳、潛水、在島上參加冒險。 Entire travel plans, there will be part of the time spent on board (some all day on the boat), while in cruise reach some destination (usually scenic islands, including Disney's private island Castaway Cay, etc.), the Council docked visitors can disembark at the destination to enjoy a variety of recreational projects, including at the beach swimming, snorkeling on the island to participate in adventure.

演出。 On a cruise, visitors can enjoy free food, except for a few specific cruise upscale restaurants, all passengers can dine for free, in addition, there is a large theater inside the cruise, there are special Disney theater performances. In addition, the cruise also offers visitors of different ages different elements:

  • For children: There is a large game room, game, activity centers can play smooth, cruise also features a children's pool.
  • For young people: There are bars, discos can disco.
  • For adults: a Spa leisure facilities, massage services.

The current 3 and the construction of a giant Disney Cruise Line

There are currently three cruise

  • (迪士尼神奇號)1998年首航 Disney Magic (Disney magic number) 1998 maiden voyage
  • (迪士尼奇觀號)1999年首航 Disney Wonder (Disney spectacle No.) 1999 maiden voyage
  • (迪士尼夢想號)2011年首航 Disney Dream (Disney Dream No.) 2011 maiden voyage
  • (迪士尼幻想號)2012年首航 Disney Fantasy (Disney Fantasy No.) 2012 maiden voyage

Disney Magic and Disney Wonder which two mega cruise displacement are 83, 000 tons per vessel include 250 rooms.

February 2007, Disney announced that it will build two new cruise, the same year in April, and German shipbuilder Meyer Werft contracts, construction 2, which are the two displacement of 122, 000 tons, in 2011 and 2012 Start running, which compared two original Disney Cruise Line cruise tourists twice the capacity of the original, each cruise including cabin stateroom 1250, the cruise ship and more than the original two. March 2, 2009, the Walt Disney Company announced that Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy cruise ship began construction of this two.

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Carnival Dream Vacation 2011
Carnival Dream Vacation 2011
Carnival Dream Cruisin
Carnival Dream Cruisin

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