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Judging by the passengers on the Carnival ships spend their holidays every year, Carnival Cruise Lines, Inc. is based in Miami, Florida, the world's largest cruise operator. Around 3.9 million visitors were counted only 2010. The popularity has crossed the line to the shipping company's flagship British-American Carnival Corporation & PLC, whose subsidiary, it is next to ten other cruise lines made. Work alone on board the ships about 33, 500 employees, in addition there are 3, 500 ashore. With 22 ships, the fleet of Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest of all the lines that are on the oceans of the world. Whether Caribbean Cruises , Canada Cruises, Alaska Cruises , Vacations aboard before the Mexican Riviera, the Bahamas or Hawaii - the Carnival cruise ships are almost everywhere around the American continent go. And if the Carnival Magic 2011 goes on her first big trip, and Europe cruises in the repertoire, and the most beautiful ports of Italy, Spain, France and Croatia are controlled.

Fun and entertainment instead of dusty etiquette

Carnival Cruise Lines is the motto "All for fun, fun for all" (Eng. Everything for fun, fun for all) and that they go since the company was founded in 1972 by industrious. The fleet consists of 22 so-called FunShips, packed full of the keel to the railing with entertainment. All are decorated in different themes, such as capitals of the world or Fimklassiker. The walk between bars, restaurants, libraries, etc., is to show stages Topics and discovery tour. They are also described as Las Vegas ships on which nothing seems impossible. The declared aim is not to make cruises to travel for well-heeled elite and older, but to open the cruise for families, young and older singles, couples on honeymoon and just anyone who likes to vacation at sea. Dress codes, fixed dinner times and there is not much etiquette on board, and special emphasis is placed on taking care of the youngest guests. Elegance, pomp and tradition can be found on the ships less than newest entertainment technology, huge water slides, movies under the open sky, spectacular stage shows and the latest fitness and wellness areas. The majority of American's passengers, crew and many other guests, however, are mixed international - as well as the languages ​​on board, though the official language on board is English.

Carnival Cruise Lines have already won several awards for her entertainment, family friendly and value for money, for example, of the National Association of Cruise-Oriented Agencies (NACOA) or the World Cruise & Ocean Liner Society.

Carnival cruises ... and still have the environment always in view

But not only the well-being and the enjoyment of the passengers are at the heart of the shipping company, but also the environment, the oceans of the world but are most important basis for each cruise.

A sophisticated system on board will ensure that all waste does not fall into the sea, but either is equal to or pressed recycled and collected so that it can be fed to the recycling process at the next port. A filtration system also ensures that only waste water flows into the sea water after it has been carefully freed from pollutants. Share this again clean water be used on board for toilet flushing and deck cleaning. Oils and fats, which fall in the kitchen, are collected and used as a substitute for diesel fuel in addition to the drive. Also on environmentally friendly driving options being researched constantly, which supports Carnival Cruise Lines and as far as possible be incorporated into the latest developments ship. Also on board some ships traveling on each cruise a small research project, because on board there through its cooperation with the International Seakeeper Society, a station that extracts, analyzes and transmits the data via satellite to universities, environmental organizations and government institutions water samples the ocean.

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