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MS ASTOR Bild: Transocean School holidays on the ASTOR

TransOcean offers the first children's entertainment

Young people up to 17 years travel free of charge in the parents / grandparents cabin

Dreamboat feeling in the summer holidays with TransOcean and the ASTOR

Treasure hunt,scavenger hunt and even the steering wheel in your hands the Captain: This summer,the Crusaders conquer small ASTOR. For the first time TransOcean offers a unique holiday experience for families on one of Germany's most popular cruise ships. Additional board program and separate shore excursions for children and young people during the summer holidays provide fun and entertainment in each age group. Particularly family-friendly is the price for children up to and including 17 years old travel in the cabin with parents free of charge!

"A family vacation can be quite stressful for adults,even if the children are not to be neglected. Here we offer our support,"says TransOcean-CEO Norbert Becker. The family invites you aboard a cruise ship one in particular to relax and feel good. The ASTOR impresses with a variety of culinary delights,from Wiener schnitzel as Coq au Vin and numerous activities,from board games to basketball. In the evening,the Crusaders enjoy a varied stage program with singing,and comedy shows. However,the highlight of the Family is the additional,complimentary children's program on board. "During the summer holidays,we invite children and young people in our club Nemo.Piratenspaß im Freizeitpark - ein landausflug während einer Familienkreuzfahrt mit der ASTOR Bild: Transocean This gives parents,grandparents and children the freedom to design their very personal feel-good holiday. "

Pirate treasure and Pippi Longstocking

While Dad photographed the coastal landscape and mom in a deck chair sun deck enjoying the sea air,waiting for the little crusader the great adventure: looking at the board rally a hidden pirate treasure,tinker eye patches,bracelets and telescopes or watch captain Sergey Strusevich over the shoulder of the ASTOR deflected into the sunset. Also,the versatile land tours are tailored to children and adolescents. In addition to the advertised program,children in Visby like Pippi Longstocking represent the real Villekulla on the head,go to amusement parks carousel and roller coaster or wild animals in the zoo come close. Even family trips are planned: So the Bremen cruise company combines a panoramic tour of Gothenburg with a visit to the interactive museum "universe". Here the small and large guests discover new worlds: Aquariums,rainforests,fun sports,and even the origin of life.

Two trips (to Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea) offers TransOcean this year as family trips. "The model,age-appropriate and varied childcare in our board and to integrate excursion program,we want to maintain in the coming year, " CEO Norbert Becker plans. "Finally,we allow adult cheap and relaxed traveling,spending time with her ​​family and herself to recover from the stresses of everyday life." By the way,learn the Crusader's most exciting cities and fascinating areas of Europe know - and get guaranteed unforgettable holiday memories for her family album to take home.

We hope that the new concept will prevail and we will next year introduce Family with Transocean on the ASTOR our Kids on Cruise readers!

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TransOcean Family with the ASTOR



Family Price *

Kiel - Bergen - Stavanger - Oslo - Gothenburg - Copenhagen - Kiel


2, 720 EUR

Kiel - Klaipeda - Stockholm - Umea - Kemi - Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Tallinn - Visby - Ronne - Kiel

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